Reading Lists in LEO

Adding readings to your LEO unit

Uploading chapters from books or journal articles into your LEO unit.

You can create direct links to chapters from eBooks or articles from online journals.

Under the ACU’s Copyright Agency Copyright licence you can provide access to digitized copies of copyrighted resources in your LEO unit, however under the licence this usage must be recorded in ACU’s copyright database – Equella-CAL.

Request digitization of book chapters from your campus library Online Readings team:

Send your reading list including full book and chapter details to your campus library Online Readings team. They will source, scan, record and upload files to Equella-CAL for you. You will be notified when records have been created and files are ready to be linked to.

A step by step guide with screen captures:

Rolling over a LEO unit

Remember to let Online Readings HQ know when you rollover a LEO unit and need to reactivate readings. Email Online Readings HQ with the following information:

Previous incidence of LEO unit

  • unit code
  • semester number/name
  • year
  • campus/delivery mode

Rolled over LEO unit

  • unit code
  • semester number/name
  • campus/delivery mode


Equella-CAL manages ACU’s copyright compliance. Copyright compliance is calculated across all of ACU (not on a unit/subject by unit/subject basis).

Do not load non-ACU content (readings, images, book chapters) directly into Equella or LEO, unless creative commons licensed and clearly marked as such. For more copyright information, see our Copyright subject guide.

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