1. Check that the article you want to link to has full text available.
  2. Click on the Title of the article.
  3. On the article toolbar you will see 'email Jumpstart'.
  4. Click on 'email Jumpstart' and you will see 'Your Jumpstart URL is ...'. Copy and paste this URL into your online unit. This link already contains the EZproxy URL.
  5. Your final URL should look something like this (note- URL contains no breaks or spaces): http://ezproxy.acu.edu.au/login?url=http://ovidsp.ovid.com/ovidweb.cgi?T=JS&NEWS=N&PAGE=fulltext&AN=00124784-200801000-00006&LSLINK=80&D=ovft

Use this method to also link to PsycBOOKS.

Page last updated: 19 Feb 2016

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