Lexis Nexis AU

  1. On the LexisNexisAU platform locate the title, chapter, case, journal article or document you want to link to.
  2. Click on the 'Copy Results Link' icon - usually  located in the top-right of the screen.
  3. A pop up box will appear listing the deep link URLs available. Copy the URL by right clicking on the bold text and selecting 'Copy shortcut'/'Copy Link Location'/'Copy link address' (depending on your browser).
  4. Paste this into your online unit.
  5. Add the following EZproxy prefix to the front of the copied URL: http://ezproxy.acu.edu.au/login?url=
  6. Your final URL should look something like this (note – the URL contains no breaks or spaces):

Title TOC:


    Journal article:
        Reported case:


          The' Copylink' tool enables you to copy a URL for a:

          •  Title e.g. Carter on Contract, Ford's Principles of Corporations Law, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia.  

          The link will load the Table of Contents and the Quick Find search form for that title.

          • Journal article e.g. Des Butler and Paul Meek, ‘Camera trapping and invasions of privacy: An Australian legal perspective’  (2013) 20 Torts Law Journal 234.

          The link will load the journal article in PDF format.

          • Reported case e.g. Karatjas v Deakin University (2012) 35 VR 355 

          The link will load the case in PDF format.

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