Leap into Learning for academics

Leap into Learning (LIL) is an online information literacy program developed by the ACU Library, in collaboration with LTC and academic staff. The program provides the searching, researching, and evaluating skills students need to succeed at university.  LIL is made up of learning activities, instructional videos and podcasts that give students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, from home or in the Library.

Aligned to the University Graduate Attributes, the program assists students to become:

  • Ethically informed and able to: apply ethical perspectives in informed decision making (GA3)
  • Knowledgeable and able to: think critically and reflectively (GA4); demonstrate values, knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the discipline and/or profession (GA5)
  • Skilful and able to: work both autonomously and collaboratively (GA7); locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information (GA8)

The Modules

Leap into Learning contains 3 modules and 3 quizzes. These are:

Module 1 - Getting started in the Library

This module covers the Unit Outline, why students should read it, how to identify a book, journal, journal article, how to read a reference and get help from the Library. The module also talks about the High Demand collection.

Module 2 - Assignment research: beginning steps

This module looks at the research process, addressing the skills of analysing the topic, reading background information, planning the search, and narrowing the search for relevant information.

Module 3 - Assignment research: subject specific information

This module is all about databases and why it is important for students to use them.  They will learn the difference between scholarly and non-scholarly sources, what is peer reviewed information and how to find and use the Library's Subject Guides, as well as how to search subject specific databases.

How do my students successfully complete Leap into Learning?

Once students have read through the content of a module, they need to complete the quiz at the end of each module.

They must obtain 100% in each quiz to be deemed successful. Once they pass all the quizzes, students will be able to print off 2 certificates of achievement which they can show you as proof that they have completed LIL.

One certificate will be a 'General' Certificate of Completion and the other will be a Certificate of Completion in a 'subject strand' i.e. Business, Education, Law, etc.

Using Leap in to Learning in your teaching

Students can self-enrol for Leap into Learning via LEO.

Leap into Learning is not mandatory but students are encouraged to complete it as a way to develop essential searching and referencing skills.

Previous LIL participants have said they have increased confidence in using the Library and its resources after completing LIL. They have also commented on the benefits of applying the knowledge and skills learned in the program to their university assessments.

Student help

Students who need help with Leap into Learning can contact the Library via email or chat, or they can visit their campus library.  Some campus libraries hold drop-in sessions.

Contact the Library

If you have feedback or questions about Leap into Learning contact your local Library Academic and Research Services Team.

Page last updated: 06 Mar 2017

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