ISBN Allocation

The library can allocate an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to material produced by current staff and students of Australian Catholic University and published by the university and its departments.

You can request an ISBN for items such as:

  • Printed books
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Educational or instructional software
  • eBooks
  • Educational videos

Not all items are eligible for an ISBN.  A list of ‘Products and Entities Eligible for ISBNs’ is available from Thorpe-Bowker, the operators of the Australian ISBN Agency.

How to request an ISBN from the Library

Send us your request using the online ISBN application form.

Once we have received your completed application, an ISBN will be allocated, and sent to you by email.

For further information or assistance, please email

Legal Deposit obligations

Legal Deposit is a requirement under the Copyright Act 1968.

This means that publishers, and self-publishing authors, must deposit a copy of any work published in Australia with the National Library of Australia (NLA).  In some cases, you may also need to deposit an additional copy with your state based deposit library.

The NLA’s Legal Deposit webpage provides comprehensive information to assist you in meeting these requirements.

Page last updated: 31 Aug 2016

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