ARC and NHMRC Open Access Mandates

Publications arising from research funded by the ARC and NHMRC are subject to open access policies. By providing open access to other researchers, and the wider community, these policies seek to maximise the benefits of publicly funded Australian research to society.

Full details of the current policy requirements are available on their websites:

This policy compliance flowchart from the Australian Open Access Support Group can assist you to determine what you need to do to comply with open access mandates.

How can the library help you?

The library’s Research Services team manages ACU’s institutional repository: ACU Research Bank.

We can assist researchers to comply with policy requirements by:

  • Creating a publication metadata record for your research output in the ACU institutional repository
  • Including the relevant Grant ID in the repository record
  • Helping to identify the version of your work that the publisher’s copyright policy allows you to make open access
  • Uploading the permissible version of your publication to the repository
  • Managing any embargoes to ensure that your publication is made available as open access as soon as the publisher’s policy allows
  • Including a link in the repository record to the open access version of your publication in cases where it is openly available elsewhere (e.g. from a publisher website)

What do you need to send to the library?

  1. The publication metadata for your manuscript (e.g. title, authors, publication year, page numbers, etc), once it has been accepted for publication
  2. The relevant Grant ID
  3. The version of your work that your publisher permits to be open access in the repository, and any information you have regarding publisher embargoes

    Note: This is often the author’s accepted version, or pre-print version.  That is, the final document you send to the publisher, after peer-review and revisions; but without the publisher's formatting and logo.

You can send us the publication information, grant details, and the permissible version of your publication, using this online form, or by emailing

For further information or assistance, please contact the library’s Research Services team.

Page last updated: 21 Feb 2017

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