Leap into Learning FAQs

What is Leap into Learning (LIL)?

Leap into Learning is an online information literacy program developed by the ACU Library, in collaboration with LTC and academic staff.  It is designed to provide you with the searching, researching, and synthesising skills which are aligned to ACU's Graduate Attributes and will help you to succeed in your studies.  It also points you toward important policy information you'll need to apply to your academic work.

Why is it important for me to do Leap into Learning?

You can't rely on Google and Wikipedia for all your information needs.  Leap into Learning takes you through the steps needed to find scholarly information, written by experts, that you can use as evidence in your assessments.  It also provides information about how you can effectively incorporate that information into your own academic work in a way that is consistent with the University's policies on academic integrity.  Many of the resources you'll discover are available for use 24/7 throughout your degree.

Who needs to complete Leap into Learning?

Leap into Learning was developed as a first year information literacy program and many academics have made it either assessable or a hurdle requirement for their first years. But it's also valuable for other students. You can self-enrol for Leap into Learning via LEO.

How is the program structured?

There are three modules and three quizzes you will need to complete:

Module 1 – Getting Started in the Library
Module 2 – Assignment Research: Beginning Steps
Module 3 – Assignment Research: Subject Specific Information

Which Module 3 subject do I choose?

Choose the Module 3 subject that is your major.  Your lecturers might ask you to complete more than one Module 3 subject or you can choose to complete more than one.

What do I need to do to pass?

Work through each module and its corresponding quiz.  You need to get 100% in each quiz to pass.

Do I have to complete the Practice Exercises?

You will get more out of Leap into Learning if you complete all the practice exercises.  They will help you develop skills and knowledge that will help you succeed in your university studies and beyond.

What happens if I don't pass a quiz?

If you don't pass first up, review the information in the module, do the practice exercises and try again.  If you are finding some questions particularly difficult,  contact the Library.

What if I need help?

Contact the Library.  Some campuses have Leap into Learning "drop-in" sessions.

Do I get a certificate if I complete the program?

Yes. Once you pass all three quizzes and complete a short evaluation, you can generate two Certificate of Achievements; one general certificate and one subject specific certificate.

Can I get my Certificate later?

We recommend you save your Certificate of Achievement when you complete Leap into Learning.

Where do I complete Leap into Learning?

You can do Leap into Learning on any computer that has access to the Internet - at home, in the PC labs or the Library.

How long will it take?

This will be different for each person.  We recommend you allow two hours to complete all three modules.

When do I have to complete Leap into Learning by?

Your lecturer will tell you when you have to complete it by.

If I have a question about Leap into Learning, who do I contact?

The best contact will depend on the question.  If it's a question about your unit, your lecturer will be the best contact. If the question is about the Leap into Learning modules or quizzes you can contact the Library via Ask Your Librarian or your Library Academic and Research Services Team.

Page last updated: 20 Feb 2017

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