Voluntary Music Licence

The ACU purchases a music licence which enables ACU to use many contemporary musical works and sound recordings.

The music can be reproduced:

  • Educational purposes – in lectures, used in assignments
  • Use at university events – open day, graduation ceremonies
  • Recordings of university events – DVD of graduation ceremony

The music can be copied and communicated:

  • Share recordings with university staff and students, via a password protected area, such as LEO
  • Copies (CD’s, DVD’s) can be sold on a cost recovery basis only

The music can be used at public performances:

  • Staff parties
  • Graduations
  • Open days
  • Awareness events (i.e. a Harmony Day event)
  • On the telephone hold system
  • In administration, staff and student areas
  • In teaching areas, workshops and other teaching venues.
  • Concerts and events such as revues

All events must be given for free. If admission fees are charged then further licensing is required from APRA. If a musical work is being performed in a Dramatic Context then further licensing is required.

Recordings can be made in any format and can include live and pre-recorded music. All sound recordings must come from a legal original (for example downloaded from a legal online provider, or copied from a legal CD recording).

The Universities’ Agreement will not cover any recordings made under this licence to be screened publicly (e.g. at film festivals, competitions, exhibitions). This is outside the scope of a university event or course of study and is considered a public screening.

Voluntary music licence Obligations

  • There is a contractual requirement to include a notice if using music under Music Licence.
    “This recording has been made by the Australian Catholic University under the express terms of an educational licence between it, AMCOS and ARIA and may only be used as authorised by Australian Catholic University pursuant to the terms of that licence; and (i) the title of each musical work; (ii) the name of each composer, lyricist and arranger; and (iii) if the recording contains an ARIA Sound Recording, the artist/group name and the name of the record company or record label.”
  • Universities are required to take part in an annual survey, reporting on music stored centrally at the university. This allows the Societies to identify copyright owners and calculate distribution rates for copyright owners.

Annual Survey Form

In October of each year, ACU must report using the annual survey form, music stored centrally at the university. ACU is required to report the following details for each sound recording held centrally.

  • Title of Sound Recording
  • Composer/Lyricist
  • Arranger - if applicable
  • Performing Artist(s)
  • Album Title
  • Record/CD/Music label

If you have any questions about the use of the Music licence you can contact the Copyright manager:

Email: copyright.officer@acu.edu.au
Telephone: (02) 6209 1237

Page last updated: 03 Feb 2017

Short url: http://library.acu.edu.au/1145092