Part VB Licence

Known as the Part VB or the text and artistic statutory licence. This licence has its terms set out in the Copyright Act 1968.

The Part VB licence permits the Australian Catholic University to make multiple copies of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic (images) works for educational purposes and also communicate those works to students.

Payment is made to Copyright Agency, which is the collecting society that administers this licence.

The licence allows ACU to copy and communicate text and artistic works in both hard copy (handouts in class) and electronic form (on LEO), including:

  • photocopying hardcopy books, journals, newspapers or reports
  • scanning from hardcopy works
  • printing from electronic material such as websites, e-books or CD-ROMs
  • including images in PowerPoint
  • uploading text or artistic material to LEO
  • being recorded in lecture capture
  • making electronic copies of works (e.g. saving to disc or emailing).

The Part VB licence has a number of rules about how much a university can copy and communicate from a text or artistic work, and some of these rules differ depending on whether the source material is in hard copy or electronic form.

ACU operates a Part VB database to store, ensure requirements are met, and report on works that have been digitised and made available via LEO. By ensuring a copy of all Part VB licensed works are in the VB database, lecturers will meet all their compliance requirements. For information on the process, please check Reading Lists in LEO.

Part VB Obligations

As part of using any Part VB works (print or electronic), ACU is obliged to reference where the material came from. Check with your Faculty if they have a preferred method of attribution. A citation list or bibliography, a credits list at the end of a video, verbal thanks at the end of a recital or music program. A reference slide at the end of a PowerPoint, clickable link under the image are all considered suitable acknowledgement.

Note: the VB database ensures all works are cited appropriately.

Part VB works also have a legal requirement to include a legal notice


Copyright Regulations 1969


This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Australian Catholic University pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act).

The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act.  Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.

Do not remove this notice.

Note: the Part VB database ensures this notice is on all works.

Sample Survey

The ACU is required to take part in sampling surveys for both photocopying (the Hardcopy survey) and electronic copying/communication (the EUS). Surveyed universities are required to record all uses of copyright material, in surveyed departments, over the period of the survey. This data is used by Copyright Agency to identify rights holders whose works have been copied.

The Hardcopy survey involves up to 50% of the university, and involves monitoring of printer devices for any photocopying activity. Academic and professional staff are involved.

The EUS draws information from the Part VB database. No Academics are required to participate.


The Library and LTC have produced tutorials and guides that can help you:

ACU Online Readings Staff

Email addresses of online readings staff at your campus who can assist you with providing electronic versions of print readings under Part VB:

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