Past exam papers

Link to Exam Repository (student/staff ID and password required).

The past exam repository includes past exams from the previous two years as provided to the library by faculties and schools under the Examinations Policy (staff access only).

The repository is the only place from which past exams are to be accessed.

Please note that exams for 2015 are very limited.

From the Exam Repository you can search by clicking on the Filter button, then search using your unit code (eg EDLA204).

Information for Students

If the exam for your unit is not available, please contact your lecturer in charge so they can arrange for a copy of a past exam to be made available in the repository.

Information for Lecturers

If you wish for your exams to be made available in the Exams repository, please contact Library Research and we will help.

Page last updated: 18 May 2016

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