Communications Strategy

ACU Library Communications Strategy 2014 – 2016

The Library Communications Strategy is influenced by the communication goals and strategies of the ACU Students, Learning & Teaching Portfolio the portfolio in which the Library resides.  It is guided by ACU Marketing and Communications guidelines developed by the University’s Marketing & External Relations department. 


  • Improve communication between the Library and ACU students, staff and other patrons through clear, consistent and timely messages using a range of communications channels.
  • Promote the Library to the wider University community.
  • Increase awareness and promote the use of Library facilities, services, and resources.
  • Promote how the Library contributes to University strategic directions.
  • Improve opportunities for students, staff and other patrons to provide feedback about Library services and resources and seek input into future library planning.
  • Maintain patron satisfaction with library communications.
  • Identify tools to assess the effectiveness of the Strategy and associated Plan(s). 

Key messages

  • The Library, in its physical and virtual presence, is welcoming and accessible to all students and staff.
  • The Library provides access to a wide range of scholarly information resources, online and in campus libraries to support students and staff in their study and research.
  • Library staff are professional, expert in their field, and always ready to help. 

General strategies

  • Develop an annual Communication Plan.
  • Promote the library as an important part of student experience on and off campus.
  • Promote awareness of the Library’s staff expertise, professionalism and their friendly and approachable manner.
  • Remove library jargon from all communications and focus on the use of plain English.
  • Consistent messages in Library digital and print publications, and from Library staff, across all campuses.
  • Consistent signage across all campus libraries.
  • Use a range of different mediums for communication to ensure messages meet the needs of all communication preferences.
  • Accessibility is a key consideration in all communications.
  • Appropriate use of social media in keeping with ACU Social Media Guidelines.
  • All Library communications meet the requirements outlined in ACU Marketing & Communications Brand Guidelines. 

Key stakeholders


Library communications to students are part of a wider Students, Learning & Teaching Portfolio communications strategy developed in 2013.  
Key messages to students
The Library:
  • Provides access to scholarly information that will help students succeed in their studies
  • Values feedback about its services and resources and undertakes to address issues identified as important in Library satisfaction surveys
  • Offers assistance via a range of communication mediums, including chat and email
  • Has friendly and professional staff who are expert in their field and are committed to the University and its Mission. 


Key messages to staff
The Library:
  • Recognises the value of research to the University
  • Provides access to a range of research specific databases; has expert staff to assist with research metrics; promotes ACU research outputs via the Library’s research repository, ACU Research Bank
  • Has developed a range of guides to assist academic staff in their research
  • Values teaching and offers a number of services to assist staff online and in classrooms
  • Has an abundance of electronic resources that can be made available online with license agreements that do not require the same stringent rules as Copyright legislation
  • Has friendly and professional staff who are expert in their field and are committed to the University and its Mission. 


Key messages to other Library users
The Library:
  • Welcomes students and staff of other universities, members of the public, religious orders and CEOs to use some Library facilities, services and resources
  • Has friendly and professional staff who are expert in their field and are committed to the University and its Mission.

This document is based on the University of New England’s University Library Communications Plan 2013-2014.

Page last updated: 16 Dec 2015

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