High Demand & Restricted Loans

High Demand and Restricted Loans are items with short loan periods.

They are often text books or required reading texts and are identified as being critically important for students.

High Demand items:

  • Are kept behind the service desk - please ask staff to access items
  • Have a 2 hour loan time
  • Will display as "High demand – ask at Loans Desk" in the library search Locations tab
  • 3 items may be borrowed
  • Cannot be requested (placed on hold)

Restricted Loan items:

  • Are kept on the normal library shelves
  • Have a 3 day loan time 
  • Will display as "3 Day Loan" in the library search Locations tab
  • 5 items may be borrowed
  • Can be requested (placed on hold)*

*Items located at your campus library only. Restricted loans are held for collection for 1 day only at the service desk of your home campus library.

Individual libraries may set their own loan periods for certain items and choose where they house their Restricted Loans.

Non-ACU borrowers cannot borrow or request High Demand or Restricted Loans.


Page last updated: 15 Dec 2015

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